What Is Your Favourite Linux Distro, And Why?

Hi guys, i want to ask you what is your favorite linux distro, my favorite distro is linux mint because it’s similar to windows and easy to cuztomize, so what’s yours?

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I am with you on that. It’s the only one I use or recommend for my clients.

Over 350 installations later and only had 2 back not happy. Easy move from Windows if you sell it right couple of colour changes and it’s almost the same.

Have a client still on version 14, 32 bit, he has never doing a update, uses everyday and only now is he asking for a change as some sites tell him his version is no longer supported.

I have the 64 bit mate version 20 running right now may go to 20.1 but no rush as no gains.

Why is that something positive?


The only thing I ask of an OS is that it’s easy to use and stays out of my business. Firefox with history and passwording turned off works well, as does Duck Duck Go. The worst OS for me would be Arch, because it’s too arrogant.

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Linux Mint as well. It is well designed, good looking and smoothly running distro.
Suse was not bad, too. But nowaday Mint is my favourite.

Because, most other distros i did not get used to except mint, and i think because after years of windows i got used to mint easily because its similar

Thanks, i ever used dietpi before, it didnt work in my pine a64, i recommend armbian for rasberry pi’s or pine 64, here’s the link https://www.armbian.com/

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Linux Mint # 1 always has worked for me out of the box.

MX-linux #2 Works better with wine apps.

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Dear All now that season of Goodwill is OVER – Yipee! :rofl::crazy_face: (all tongue in cheek) :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :boom:
I was thinking of an afternoon nap :sleeping: when on clicking this thread I went comatose instantly! :face_with_thermometer: :face_with_head_bandage:
Hey Y’all, now that I’m wide awake and refreshed – thanks – I can revisit every afternoon. :sleeping: :+1:
Please all; - search web for groupthink and if you are at Wiki also look up sockpuppets – you will all be a lot the wiser!
As I expected there they all were – a hit parade of DistroWatch – Yawn, Yawn :sleeping: :sleeping: I’m drifting off again – Ah, cold water did the trick. :face_with_head_bandage: :laughing: It’s like asking obese fast fooders what their favourite burger is…? (obese; as in bloatware, bloated OS’s, footprint the size of a small planet…) Not to mention the endless list of problems with mint and ubuntu listed here at it’sFOSS.

Joking apart; if anyone is interested in being slim, fast and a polished performer and not a gamer check out this; coming in at 60-ish in the hit parade which I have been using everyday – leaving my better laptop with ubuntu virtually unused.


Answering your question of Why - Excellent review where like myself they are impressed - “really like how fast it performed tasks and how uncluttered/unbusy the desktop felt.” You can now access a review independent of my bias for a stable distro that just gets on with it. However DistroWatch jumps onto the on-trend WLAN issue as all do; without even a suggestion to first check out your WLAN card at h-node org. You can see by comparison just how dull, dreary and depressing the screenshots are as they have diverted from the nice pleasant standard DE colours to the BlackMate (DE option) – Yuk :nauseated_face: – but hey; each to their own and I know it’s on trend….! :sunglasses::roll_eyes:

For me it’s Debian.
Because I have the ability to set it up and customize for me the way I want.
I also use it for my work, and I like, that it doesn’t change things suddenly, breaking something I need for my workflow. With Ubuntu-like distro (khhmmm… namely Linux Mint :slight_smile: ) I had some glitches, once Davinci was hit, and another time it was Handbrake that stalled because of an update.

But I do like Linux Mint too, and for a newcomer into the Linux world I always recommend Mint.
My father (now 73 years old) learned it to use in less than a day, after we ditched Windows 7 on his laptop.

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I’ve never used Debian. Heard it’s difficult to install.

That’s an evil question. Xubuntu, Mint Xfce, or Manjaro Xfce. Hackman isn’t a bad OS either.

I have tried more than I can remember but I keep installing Mint Mate, which is about the only
DE I really like. So I guess it would be Linux Mint Mate.

Don’t believe the rumors. :smiley:
Installing it isn’t any harder, than -say- Ubuntu.
Somewhat harder part is customization, and when you need something that’s not in Debian repository.
Ubuntu(derivatives) have lot’s of additional repos, ppas, etc, on the other hand Debian does not.
Ubuntu packages are mostly incompatible with Debian, so you may need to compile something from source yourself.

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+1 for Mate.
To me it seems the most perfect balance on resource requirements and user experience.


@kovacslt…It is a no nonsense DE that does everything the way I have become used to, in my use of Windows over the years. This only confirms the best Linux distro, is one that works for the user, not one suggested.

Yes @4dandl4

… we understand that you like it and that’s why you recommend it - but if you look at the heading @KITT asks WHY.

Really :astonished: … some of us still have independent open minds and may not always follow the mainstream flock and are open to trying something based on a suggestion that also gives some insight as to why it may be of interest.
I think that this may be the purpose for the topic:thinking:
ps many distros have a choice for the DE - this is not the question asked. :wink:

That’s exactly the point. If not, any answer would be as informative as the one to Which is your favourite colour?

This is exactly why I have hesitated to answer the question. Do I really have enough experience to judge which one might be the best of perhaps hundreds of distributions? And even if so, what are the criteria for being the best?

So, let me first explain my set of criteria:

My workhorse distribution should be one, I don’t need to switch for the years to come, so it should be well-established and have a numerous community of supporters, good documentation and active and friendly forums.

Ideally, I want it to be unobstructive: Once installed, I basically want to forget about it and not have to deal with it aside from the usual and necessary updates.

I want to be able to configure it to my needs, this means: Aside from the options presented in menus, I’d like to be able to edit configuration files by hand in a text editor.

Installation of additional software should be easy and transparent, meaning that repositories should be well maintained, and I don’t want to rely on appimages and snaps.

The desktop environment should be modern. I don’t want my computer to look like I was still living in the 90s.

Considering all these aspects, I find Kubuntu to be an almost ideal compromise although I don’t like the forums too much and I’ve been using it for several years now for my desktop computer. I always upgraded it from one version to the most modern without any need for a clean installation. I even moved it from one machine to the other, just by switching the hard drives and making some small adjustments.

On my laptop, though, I have recently installed the incredibly beautiful Arch based Garuda Linux which I am starting to like as well. I might give Mint with Cinnamon a try, too.

@Andy2 I have tried Trisquel in a virtual machine with the MATE desktop. It had definitely the quickest installation of everything I have ever tried and no problems with hardware. The performance under stress was excellent. I very much like the idea that it doesn’t rely at all on proprietary blob packages. The only things, I didn’t like was that the installer asked me for my keyboard and after setting it to “German” it still came up as “US American” after rebooting (easy to fix, though) and that the MATE desktop looks very old-fashioned, but I might try another one.

I definitely prefer this “mate”

to the desktop enivronment.


Great reply with a shed-load of WHY. Great photo and tasty too – even the jar has a big greedy smile? Me too Mate – plenty of fibre – Yum! :yum:
Glad you have taken a look at Trisquel – and hope you have a little time to conduct some more interesting tests – also MX… :hugs:
ps could you help (on the other Rosika topic) as @berninghausen is in trouble with image on USB not working and I don’t know how to help - thanks)

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