What Text Editor Do You Guys Use?

Hi, just wanted to ask the text editor you use,
I use micro and Linux Mints Default text editor(i don’t know the name) for general text editing, and atom for important use like website making or app development, what’s your text editor?


I use KDE’s KATE which I think stands for KDE’s Advanced Text Editor

Geany works great for me.

I usually change distros. I’ll use any kind of editor which is pre-installed with it. But in terminals, I prefer nano.

I think Mint’s default is xed @KITT
I use TextPad and LibreOffice Writer.

I use Xed too in whatever OS I am using. There is now a PPA for 20.04 for all the Linux Mint Xapps.

Just curious.
Why do you do that @Pranav ?

When I’m on a terminal, I use nano.
On the graphical desktop I tend to usa Pluma, but there are occations, when NotepadQQ works better for me.

Every distro has something special. I’d install one distro, explore it, and learn something new or know what’s special in it. It’s more like experimenting with distros.

I understand that, but what do you work on ?
Or what is the distro you use to connect to itsfoss for instance ?

The distro which I’ve installed.

I’m still a student. I don’t work. And that’s the reason why I have lot of time to try lot of distros.

In terminal, I use vi. But, I am NOT proficient at vi, so I fall back to the GUI KATE for text replacement, cut and paste, etc.

Leafpad. Seems lighter. I don’t do coding. Use it for general purpose editing and commands tweaking.

In the good old days, I used Emacs but for the last 15 years or so, I have been using kate for all purposes, same as @TrekJunky . It’s very mature, has excellent syntax highlighting, and, as common with KDE-apps, lots of options for customizing.

However, for C++, I recently started to use VS Code but I consider it to be more an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) than a mere editor.

In terminal, I never really got familiar with vi, so I mostly used joe (Joe’s Own Editor - with WordStar inspired commands) when in need. Nowadays, I take nano which is almost identical and comes preinstalled almost anywhere.

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According to alternativeto.net libreoffice is the best but i would not reccomend it its a whole office suite and to heavy but also according to that same page abiword is good and the comments are mostly positives so try abiword if you dont like it try some from this page although some of them are office suites

Using Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.0, I tried them all. Each has features the other doesn’t have, or it’s implemented in very strange ways. gEdit, xed are very much alike. Then, used Kate and Notepadqq. But nothing could replace Windows Textpad. So, I ended up using Textpad in Wine and gEdit.

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Just GEdit :sweat_smile: