Wifi networks issue

Wifi networks aren’t showing I tried many things

Kindly help me regarding it if anyone can…

I am attaching photo with please it out.

Thanks in advance

If anyone know about it kindly help me please

Try this itsfoss article

Godd Luck!
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Sir in the article it is showing Broadcom
Kindly reply please

You can apply this with your own wifi driver

thats what i did when i wanted to fix my wifi

Ohk thank you so much I will try it.

sir please help me it is not working for me


this are the drivers sir that i got in cd with kindly reply please

Sir kindly reply I tried some methods buy this showing kindly reply please

Thank you so much in advance sir

Hmm, I don’t know much about networking or wifi, maybe try asking on askubuntu.com?

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You might want to look at the following link:

However, many people seem to have issues with this particular device.

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It didn’t worked I don’t what I had done wrong also my network manager stopped working can u please guide me what I do now…

Thank you in advance

Dear @Vansh_Chhabra
So, did you try starting network-manager or sudo systemctl start network-manager on the command line and watch the output for error messages?

However, when having trouble and hoping for somebody to help, following the guidelines as explained in the forum’s top post increases your chances of actually solving your problem considerably:

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Do you know what happened before you had no wifi. Had you done an install, or is it first time with this router. You could try an ethernet cable next, and take it from there

I have tried every method that I got in Google but didn’t worked for me.
Also I tried the that you have given
Output in pictures

It doesn’t work …

That is not correct.

Please copy paste the commands given. Never type them manually.

Sir the the usb wifi adaptor is working fines in windows I am using it since 6-7 months but in ubuntu it wasn’t working I tried a lot to fix I tried installing drivers which are given in cd also downloaded from internet other drivers that available on GitHub (as I am thinking there is issue of kernel version so got driver of my kernel version on GitHub)

After trying many methods wifi finally showed in up right corner but it wasn’t working as I was not able to show the available networks also it is showing "wifi unavailable "
Then I tried some fixes from youtube and good also from some communities like this …
But no one worked for me
And my network manager was disabled and now I can’t even able to use the Ethernet internet…
So kindly help/guide me regarding the solution…

Also one more thing in starting when I have upgraded my ubuntu (as I seen somewhere that u have to update ur ubuntu first) and then when booted it agian then my screen starting blinking and it’s hanged nothing is working so I reinstalled it…
So upgrading is hard for me…

Thank you in advance…

But how I can now copy paste the commands from my android to pc as my internet is not working…

For example, save the commands as a TXT file and then put that TXT file onto your PC through a USB cable.

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Kindly check…